Festina advisor

Festina Advisor is the Key to Good Customer Relationships

Faster calculations of the disposable amount available and a visual overview for the customer make Festina Advisor central when the bank advisors at Sparekassen Kronjylland create good customer experiences.

Most of life’s big decisions and events affect the private economy. This relates to when you are buying the house of your dreams, a new sports car, or when you are planning to have children or get married. But when you dream, you also risk losing grip with reality, and the financial situation becomes a necessary evil which commands attention.


In those situations, some customers will fear a meeting at the bank where the bank advisor may destroy the dreams because the customer’s disposable amount simply is too small. And the disappointment is especially great if the customers do not have a good understanding of why they have been rejected. As the credit rating often is a black box for customers, Sparekassen Kronjylland works with an advisory tool that delivers transparency and a foundation for a focused and improved dialogue between advisors and customers.


”We want to give our customers a thorough understanding of how their finances are affected by life’s big decisions. Festina Advisor is a flexible system that includes all aspects of customers’ personal finances. We can discuss different scenarios with the customers without making advanced calculations for every little change. At the same time, it is an excellent visual tool so that we can easily explain to customers the reasons for their credit rating,” says Kasper Frydenholm, Customer Advisor at Sparekassen Kronjylland.

A competitive advantage for the banks
Jonas Sabel is one of the customers who has run his financial key figures through the Advisor module and received advice related to purchasing a house.


”Advisor is the nerve in our collaboration and dialogue with our customers."
Kasper Frydenholm, Customer Advisor at Sparekassen Kronjylland



With his better half, Sabel decided to change bank to Sparekassen Kronjylland. They seemed more customer-oriented and genuinely interested in helping them realise their dreams of a new home.

”When you’re faced with a major decision that affects your finances for many years to come, it is essential that you feel heard and that the bank understands your specific situation – and the banks also understand it in the larger context not related to numbers. At our meeting at Sparekassen Kronjylland, we felt just that. We could discuss more possibilities and could easily move around financial items, and see what effect various things had on our situation and loan options,” Sabel says.


The meeting with Kasper Frydenholm and Sparekassen Kronjylland was proof that the couple had made the right decision to change bank. Because in addition to good customer contact, the meeting also provided them a better insight into their personal finances.

”We consider ourselves quite thorough, and before our meeting at the bank, we had drawn up many budgets at home. But it turned out that we had forgotten two or three items in all the budgets, which, obviously, plays a role in the overall credit rating. Usually, a bank advisor will write a series of numbers in an Excel sheet, and the advisors will keep it on their side of the table. But at the meeting, it was all very transparent, and we were very productive. It was a bit of an eye opener, and there was a common thread throughout the process,” Sabel explains.


The bank’s nerve for credit ratings
By utilising Advisor, Kasper Frydenholm from Sparekassen Kronjylland saves a lot of time. According to him, the workflows and modules you run through in Advisor are more flexible than before. It also means that Frydenholm can focus on improving and nurturing the personal customer relationships.

”Advisor is the nerve in our collaboration and dialogue with our customers. We can – in black and white – see if customers comply with the credit rules, and simultaneously, the customer in the dialogue gets a better sense of how their finances and circumstances can be linked. It gives both parties peace of mind,” says Frydenholm.


In the future, he also sees the possibility for customers to fill in the items and make calculations from home before coming to the bank for a meeting.

”Customers get an insight into the credit rules and what decides whether they can realise their dreams or not. It also means that they can more or less approve themselves for a loan to buy a new car or a new house,” says Frydenholm.


As a customer, Jonas Sabel is also looking forward to the prospect of simulating his finances in the Advisor Module on his own and being able to follow his finances.

“Today, we make comprehensive budgets when we have to buy a new house, a new car, or invest in other large items. But with Advisor, we can keep track of whether the budget is sustainable, and it’s nice to feel that we see the same numbers as the bank. With this overview, it’s also easier to turn red numbers green in the end,” says Sabel.


Facts about Sparekassen Kronjylland

Sparekassen Kronjylland
 is Denmark's largest savings bank with more than 36,000 guarantors and are a self-governing institution without owners. It allows them to think more long-term and invest in long-term relationships with their customers, and they support a number of associations and various local initiatives.

Selected key figures:

  • Departments; 51.
  • Customers; over 165,000
  • Employees; over 700
  • Lending; about 16.5 billion
  • Deposits; about 19.9 billion
  • Equity; about 3.9 billion


On 26 November 1829 Sparekassen Kronjylland was founded. Saving-bank for Randers area started as a side business in a grocery store. Sparekassen Kronjylland currently covers large parts of Central and East Jutland as well as parts of southern Jutland, and have six branches on Zealand. Sparekassen Kronjylland is among Denmark's 10 largest banks.

The head office in Randers was inaugurated in 2001.