We strongly believe that the knowledge and skills of our employees is the key to the success of our company. As an employee, you are a valued member of the team, and we pride ourselves in giving the highest priority to our working environment.

We have a dedicated professional environment, combined with the opportunity of educational progression, flexible working hours and excellent personal benefits.

Careers at Festina Finance

We make banking and pension advice easy and accessible.

Our goal is to deliver high-spec technological systems throughout Europe that set new standards in the financial sector. We have developed a high-performance software platform for banks and pension providers.

We have already had enormous success with our high-performance software platform specifically designed for bank and pension providers, and the potential for the future is incredible.


Life at Festina Finance is many things – rewarding, fun, exciting, and challenging.

Due to the fact that we are part of a young dynamic and rapidly developing industry, there is a powerful and vibrant spirit among our teams.  An energetic spirit which keeps pushing the technological and commercial boundaries.


Festina Finance offers a world of opportunities for those with a creative mindset and the desire to make a positive impact.


When working at Festina Finance you will meet and work with many specialists and professionally skilled individuals, within a collaborative culture that is growing and always looking for more talented professionals.

Discover the many challenging and exciting opportunities we currently have available, and find out how you can become part of our team.

Employee Story

What’s it like to work at Festina Finance?

Let our employees tell you firsthand why they work here.

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Testimonial from Peter Bertelsen – Software Developer at Festina Finance